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One Gallon Pot
This one gallon pot still represents the design all my pot stills are based on. This is a variation of a traditional Appalachian style still. This still mates to a condenser with a copper union on all sizes starting at 4 gallons. This style can be made in any size up to 30 gallons. Some of the larger sizes will have more than one joint around the pot.
The cap behaves like a cork for a nearly vapor tight seal be it must be sealed with a paste such as whole wheat dough. On some of the larger models an additional weight may be needed to hold the cap on.
The pot is constructed from 0.032" copper and is sealed with lead free solder. Some have requested the seams be left uncleaned for a more rustic look. I will work with most requests.
Copper prices vary and prices are based on area of material used not gallon capacity.
Typical Pot Still Condenser
This is the typical condenser that comes with a pot still. There are designed to knock down vapor at a rate faster than the usual pot still heating system. The image to the left does not show the connection for a water source. A 300 gallon per hour rate is the flow rate I design these condensers to utilize.
 Included with a pot still